Our Marriage Podcast is Here!

Conversations with Mark and Deborah Griffo

Welcome to our first marriage and family podcast dedicated to building strong families! We are very happy that you have joined us, and we’re believing these podcasts will bring a lot of hope to your relationships. The nice thing about podcasts is that you can listen while you’re driving, jogging, and practically any other activity. It’s our desire to help you build a strong and flourishing marriage and family. Feel free to pass this on to a friend, and together, let's see some great things happen in every life. Enjoy!

Your Hosts,

Mark and Deborah Griffo


"What does 40 years of commitment look like?"

Association of Churches 2019 Update


We are happy to report to you that Stronger Together is also building Strong Churches!  This month we have several churches that have joined our association of churches.  As of now, we have churches in Hawaii, Costa Rica, Honduras, Italy and the US. In addition, we have over 2000 churches and ministries in Africa.  Please pray that God continues to pour out His spirit as never before in those countries. Pray for increase, protection, provision and a great move of God.  This is one reason why your partnership with us is so important. Together, let's build the Kingdom of God around the world.

God is Moving in Italy

We had the honor of ministering at Living Word Church in Latina, Italy in October. Mark spoke prophetically into their future and we believe the church went to a new level of faith and expectancy for the great things that are ahead for them! During the five-day trip we spoke in several of their church services and in their mens’ group and leadership sessions. The Lord allowed us to build great relationship with Pastors Luca and Deborah and the leadership. We are excited to see all that God is going to do with His people in Latina, Italy.